Adsense arbitrage ~25 000 USD – still working ?!

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Short history reference – at the beginning of this scheme people were buying traffic in facebook targeted ads. It was tier 1 countries – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. But time passed, level of competition in facebook ads increases and more and more media buyers start looking for native ads – recreative, mgid, bing, revcontent, reddit ads, content ad, and others.

Actual traffic sources for AdSense arbitrage

Ok. But nowadays they become rather saturated too. So, in this case, I’ll talk about traffic sources where you could buy traffic from 0.1. Yes, I’m talking about push ad networks. About propeller ads, and DatsPush (start use this push ad network very, very late).

My plan was very simple. Run ad campaigns in each and every possible geo. Find out what countries are profitable for me. Scale them.

I’ve calculated how much I earn from 1 click in MegapuSh and 1k views in PropellerAds (PC and Android). To do that I’ve measured average views per 1 visitor, traffic loses for each geo, CTR (for PropellerAds) for each geo. eCPC for Megapush I’ve calculated as eCPC = TotalAdSenseRevenueForThisGeo*ViewsPerVisitor*100*TrafficLoses/(TotalPageViesInAdsense).

Adsense Arbitrage Case Data
Adsense Arbitrage Case Data

I exclude countries with negarive ROI (for MP and PA), with CTR lower than 0,3 (for PA). All this data you could take here:

I’ve started in January 2019. In February 2019 I recieved a message with pin code from AdSense. In March 2019 I took my first payment. After that, I create another account and another one. For now, I have 4 accounts, 2 of them are active and 2 of them have been banned in 24 Sep of 2019.

In total from this case, for now, I’ve earned approximately 25 000 USD with an ad spent of ~6 000 USD. Pure profit is 18000-19000 USD (and I don’t take ~ 3500 USD – last payment from banned accs). Ok, let’s have a look at how this works.

I have not niche specified sites – something general, because when we work with this type of sources we buy not targeted traffic. All articles on which we want to send traffic should be braked on 3-5-7-10 pages with help of WordPress Pagination option. On each page, I’ve placed 3 AdSense banners – one on the top, one under next page button and one in the sidebar. So when visitors read an article on each page they’ll see 3 ads.

That helps us increase profit. Ok. Now let’s see what’s my competitors promote now.

AdSense arbitrage in oush ads networks woth ROI 300

As you see this theme still wotking and not for me only.

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  1. Hi I really love your work my friend can i contact you in social media or via email and thank you again

    1. I use Telegram on daily basis, but I’ve no clue is it convinient for you or not. I like Telegram because even if we will talk about gambling and Betting and whatever this network will not shot down our group/accs. So you could join this group and I’ll answer as soon as I can.

    1. Yes you can. There are no restrictions in AdSense policy about Propeller Ads. Only pop ads are restricted.

  2. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thx again!

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