Affiliate Marketing and COVID-19

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So, All you know about Pandemic situation. It impacts on affiliate marketing. I see it in 2 of my verticals – betting and dating.

Dating situation is self-explained. Stay-at-home club = no dating.

Betting problems are simple too – sports events delayed or cancelled = less bettors. Yes, all bookmakers nowadays have casinos, but not all of bettors are gamblers. And no meter how good sportbooks’ marketeurs are. Some of bettors just leave you for this period and your income will drop.

OK, now about working niches:

  1. Gaming. My campaigns show profit growth. This make sense, because: stay-at-home club = a lot of time = people watch serials and play games.
  2. Online Money Making. A lot of companies closed, but people need money, so…
  3. Remote Adult Offers – Webcam and Adult Games. I have some doubts about that, but I will test them too.
  4. Gambling.

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