Case study: Megapush + Clickdealer on 40+ geo with cpc 0,1

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First of all I had tried to make campaigns on betting. Because there were new landing pages – for Copa America (South American footbal cap, how I understand it) and 2019 Africa Cup of Nations. I had spent ~40 USD, take 4 deposits and 1400 registrations. After that I had stoped this campaigns.

Results of advertising Copa America 2019 and african cap 2019 in MegaPush ad network

Than I decide to make this in more scientific way. Choose offer with the easiest posible flow, so I’ve opened Clickdealer. There are the largest list of 1-click flow offers. I was looking for offers with countries that have smallest cpc in Megapush. I’ve found offer (63326) [MOB] Lonely Girls /International – 1 Click RevShare.

Reasons to choose this offer:
1) A lot of geos with small CPC in MegaPush. Almost all of this countries with cpc 0,1 – 0,5 cents. So I could buy 1 000 click on each geo for 1-5 dollars.
2) Easy flow – user clicks on banner with girl – tracking pixel fires and he will automatically call to the girl.
Depends on call duration and money on his balance he will be charged.
3) Price format – revenue share, so “big” conversions will refill my balance.

Ok, in this test first of all I want to find out what countries will make profit, so I had made 1 creative for each geo in this offer. Creo was very simple – cute girl on small image and her 2nd photo on large image. Headline – “Marie, 23” – just random name and age. Text with call to action – “Hi, I’m bored. Call me 😉 ?” emoji – to take extra attention.

Example of Push Ad in MegaPush ads network

To track which geo convert and which is not I add parameters to offer URL, and add postback. I’ve exluded feeds 26 and 35, because they didn’t accept pay per call offers. Also I’ve made limits on each geo as 1-2 dollars.

Sub id's (parametres) fpr MegaPush - push advertising ad network

That’s all settings. After 1 day I’ve checked campaigns and increase budget limit on campaigns that was profitable or with ROI bigger than -20%. Because they could become profitable.

What I have for now – for all period of testing cost 180,15$ profit 216,81$ revenue 36,66$ ROI~20%. List of profitable geos:

List of countries with maximum revenue

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