Case Study: Push Traffic from Trending.Bid + World Of Tanks (SOI) = +122%ROI

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Hi, friends. In this case, I’ll show that gaming offers can be more than profitable. I’m talking about World Of Tanks [SOI] MultiGeo at OfferGate affiliate network (signing up with my referral link will support my channel and blog).

Attention! This offer is making a profit right now (Check statistics at the end of the article). With my bid and Ad frequency, it shows ROI 100%+. Also, you pay for traffic in rubles and get payouts in US dollars, so with current conversion, it’s even more profitable.

Short Summary

In Trending.Bid I’ve spent 51575.73โ‚ฝ (around 850 USD with old conversion) from 15 October 2019 to 23 March 2020. In OfferGate I’ve earned with this offer (including waiting payments) 1708.12USD.

All this money I used to top-up Trending.Bid – because I have a lot of campaigns in this network. So it is 114534.85 rubles (including changing of conversion for different periods). ROI is +122.07%.

How I chosen offer and traffic source

I choose Trending.Bid because of two main reasons:
1) When you top-up Trending.Bid with your OfferGate.Pro earnings you’ll get an extra 10% bonus. That’s convenient – your chances to break even or have positive ROI from the start are higher.
2) I’m buying desktop traffic in TrB for a long time (since January 2019 I think). That’s why I have a large Black List.

Why I’ve chosen World Of Tanks [SOI] as an offer?
1) I know that there is a lot of high-quality desktop traffic in TrB – that’s why desktop offer.
2) World Of Tanks is a well-known game, especially in RU and CIS region (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.). People recognize it, so it should be easy to advertise.
3) The payment was in USD (1.6 USD per lead), and for SOI (registration without confirmation).

Settings for push campaigns and creatives

1) Title. That’s easy. [Geo]-[Offer Name], sometimes I add device type if campaign targeted only on Desktop or Mobile.

2) Postback. You must enter some text in the “lead title” field, if this field will be blank you will not see any data. So I enter something like CPA – it’s not important what to type in this field. The price I don’t enter, I’m sending it through tracker or affiliate network.
Copy postback URL “${trackid}” and add it to your affiliate network.

In this case, open OfferGate website – menu in the left – tools – Postback URL – Add New – Choose source (TrB or your name for trending bid) – Choose offer (World Of Tanks) – Check goal – In Step 3 Click on All Templates – TrendingBid.

3) Limits. I set an initial ad campaign budget as a number of creatives*CPA. So for World Of Tanks, I placed 5 (number of creatives) * 90 rubles (approximately 1.6 USD in the middle of Oct).

Unique impressions I limit as 1 for 1 user in a day. First, I like to create multiple campaigns targeted on profitable countries (offers from the same vertical or even from different verticals). I don’t like to increase my bid. So, the audience sees each of my campaigns once a day or even not see.

It’s good also because if you’re promoting not Cash On Delivery/Casino/Betting, a user sees not so many ads from competitors. If you don’t believe me try to push allow on a website with cinema or series)).

My default settings for creatives in TrB.

1) Title. Short offer name – number of creative – Region (if it’s not main) – Limits (if they exist).

I’ll explain. First creative I named WoT1 – because region RU+CIS is main (for this campaign) and I didn’t add anything to the name of this creative. But its copy for the rest of the countries was named as WoT1-NotCIS-RU-RU – all regions except RU and CIS – Russian language. Creatives for New Year holidays was named WoT-10-NG, Because I wanted to stop them when holidays come to the end.

2) Region. I add all regions that Offer accepts. For World of Tanks, I separate on RU+CIS and other regions. With the same settings.

3) Browsers. I don’t change anything. We see in stats that Amigo Brower shows the lowest eCPC and I can turn it off. But ROI is above zero, soโ€ฆ

4) Operation Systems – I added Desktop Only, but somehow there are Android in stats. I can say that eCPC for Linux and macOS even higher than for Windows (based on statistics). If offer accepts desktop and mobile traffic I prefer to start work with the desktop. Main reason CTR for Desktop traffic is higher in 3-5 times.

5) Age of subscription. I buy all the subscriptions. In theory, this can be a mistake, because even on the 7th-day user should get banner blindness.

My wife subscribed to some cinema site, I took the tablet in hands 3 times and after that turned off all notifications – from all sites, block opportunity to subscribe, bock Chrome notifications.

In ad networks with macros for subscription age, I see that conversion rate for old subscriptions not always lower than for young ones. And the final conversion cost can be lower. So, I buy ad impressions for all subs. Sometimes in the beginning, I set up an initial bid lower in 2-3 times to buy older subs for a lower price.

In the best-case scenario, you should make copies of your creatives for different sub age to optimize your ad spend.
But it should be important for big traffic volumes.

6) Language. It depends on the region. For WoT offer, I choose “all” for the RU+CIS region (Russian is pretty popular in these territories), but for dating campaigns, I’m setting up only the same language as my creative.

7) Category of traffic source. I never touch this setting. I have big doubts about ัredibility of this information.

8) Schedule. I don’t touch it. Change it according to the schedule of your offer (for Cash On Delivery or Crypto offers).

9) Sources. I add all of them (all CPM), support recommends to make one copy of your creative for each ssp. If you spend $$$ it makes sense.

10) Blacklist and White list. I have Big Black List, that I’m using for all my desktop campaigns and another one for mobile campaigns. This is a questionable decision but my goal isn’t to make the biggest number of conversion. My goal is to achieve the best ROI with an available budget. If you want BL ask it in our Telegram chat.

11) Pricing Model – I always choose CPM. Back in days, CPC wasn’t available. But the reason is that the system works with CPM. When you mace creative with CPC bid, it will try to determine CPM value and again and again (if we assume, that your CTR will change). So, I’m pretty sure that creative with CPM model will get more views that its clone with CPC model because the system should count CTR risks in CPM calculation. For the CIS region, I set up an initial bid as 0.5 rubles, for RU 0.9 rubles. In the end, I set up a bid for top creatives as 1.2 rubles (it’s greedy). I understand, that in this case, I can increase the bid on a half.

12) Ad Impressions Frequency. I start with 1 impression in 14 days, if creative shows good ROI (over 50%) I increase impressions frequency to 1 in 7 days.

1) As all STM guides say when you test a new offer you should use 2 landing pages, 5 creatives. I follow this plan. When I create a new campaign, I try to make 5 different angles (but regularly it comes to 5 variations of the same angle).

World Of Tanks is a game offer and a well-known brand, so I have used the logo in different variations as an icon, for the main image I used images from google (arts).
From the first 5 creatives, 2 show the best result, and they brought almost all the money. Best creative I’ll not show, but it has a minimum difference with the second one. This is a translation of creatives on Russian.

Headline (H): Attention Fighter!
Description (D): We need you. Sign up and fight!

And here is 3 not so successful creatives:

2) Once in 3 weeks, I renewed the blacklist and after 1.5 months I decided to try new angles. With erotic content.
And this brought me another 2 profitable creatives:

And 3 bad

3) New Year was coming so I expect traffic growth and work under creatives again. I made another 3 creatives. All of them were good.

Now the most exciting part. Stats

I’ve spent in Trending.Bid 51575.73โ‚ฝ (15.10.19-23.03.20)
I’ve earned in OfferGate (including waiting): $1429.85+$278.27=$1708.12
ROI (all USD with internal OfferGate conversion to RUB): (114534.85โ‚ฝ-51575.73โ‚ฝ)100%/51575.73โ‚ฝ = +122.07% And if we count that all money I used to top up Trending Bid (to get 10% extra bonus): (114534.85โ‚ฝ1.1-51575.73โ‚ฝ)*100%/51575.73โ‚ฝ = +144.27%

1) Even if an offer isn’t “fresh” it can make profit for you.
2) If you have access to the SOI gaming offer – you should test it. Offers with Simple conversion are easy to optimize.
3) Gaming offers (and there are more than 30 of them in OfferGate) – good vertical to work with In terms of COVID-19. Payment in USD ad spend in rubles, so I don’t see any reasons to not test these offers.

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