Free traffic for gambling and betting affiliate programs [Part 2] [Video Content]

I will show how you can accumulate traffic for betting and gambling affiliate offers with the help of video content (some ways without a video camera and even microphone) for free. If you have any questions, you can ask them in comments, Telegram group or Facebook group.

Video version

List of easy-to-get-approve affiliate networks with gambling and betting offers in 1st part of this article. What content can we do to generate iGaming traffic?

I. Compilations of wins

Casino winnings compilations as one of the ways to get free traffic for gambling and betting offers
Casino winnings compilations as one of the ways to get free traffic for gambling and betting offers

This is what a lot of guys do with different levels of realization. Where you could find clips for these videos? I’m a pretty lazy person, so I use TwitchTv.

This is very convenient because there are a lot of clips, that are ready to use. Just sort them by language, choose 30 days for languages with a small number of clips, and 7 days range for clips in English, and other languages with a huge amount of clips.

VSDC Free Video Editor
VSDC Free Video Editor

I use VSDC free video editor and it’s enough to make from 5-10 clips one and create Call To Action bar “Blablabla bonus link in the description”.

This method isn’t fast, but it will help you to create an audience of gamblers. In the end, you’ll have a long run moneymaking story. You could find success stories if you’ll search “Wins in Slots”, “Wins in online casino” in YT, one of them Big Win from Joker. As you could see this guy use PlayAttack affiliate network, I think the reason is that a lot of streamers play in casinos from this network + they accept pretty much all possible countries.

What to write in the description, headline and tags – use google keyword research tool + analyze your competitors. I use a headline like “Huge wins in online casinos | Streamers are winning at slots | etc. ” – and google translate if I’m creating compilation with non-English clips. In description you could mention streamers nicname, slot, casino and ammount of win – this is helpfull for viewer + additional keywords. In tags pretty much the same + general keywords (“huge wins in online casino”, “biggest wins in slots”, etc.) In best case, you should do different channels for different languages.
Pros of this method: you don’t need a camera, micro, anything. You’ll accumulate a gambling audience.
Cons: it will take a lot of time to get first deposits, traffic is rather cold.

II. Guides and How To videos

Guides and how to videos as free traffic source for gambling and betting affiliate networks
Guides and how to videos as free traffic source for gambling and betting affiliate networks

Here we just use Google Ads keyword research tool. For all brands from your casino and betting offer list, you should collect long-tail keywords. Let’s try to do this for 1xBet.

1xbet mobile search volume
1xbet mobile – search volume

Ok “1xbet mobile” there are 74 000 searches per month, so you could create a short clip about “How to download and install 1xBet mobile” – and give your affiliate link in the attached comment or description, or even provide *.apk file with your own affiliate link.

I use OBS studio to create these videos, it’s very simple. Headline and description literally self written by your keyword and its long-tail brothers.

Pros: Hot brand traffic with the highest conversion rate.
Cons: You’ll need at least a microphone or do all of this with google voice (or analogues). It’s about creating a lot of small how-to clips – a game of numbers.

III. No-human streams

No human stream as a source of free traffic for gambling and betting affiliate offers

Actually with this method I wasn’t succeed – I invest something like 150 USD in bots (views + chat (chat is really important it should looks real)) and get only one FTD with revenue 40 USD.

Idea is very simple – open slot in browser in second screen, play in demo mode and set-up OBS to stream this screen. Of cource you can do that with one screen, but it will be less convinient.

Use banners under stream to advertise casinos + chat bots to post a link once in 2-3 minutes (depends of your bot viewers activity).

I was running this for 10 days (but bots were for 30 days), so if I proceed, make expiriments with languages and time of broadcasting I think it could be profitable. For example most paying audience is German players and there are not so much streamers on German.

All you have to do – set up banners, chat bots, fake veiwers and commentators. Than just start broadcasting process every day. For slot game automatization you could use auto spins options (it’s avaliable in all online casinos).

Pros: You could catch a real highroller and build some audience.

Cons: This free traffic is pretty expensive, take some time to set up and some resources to maintain it.

IV. Gambling strategies

Gambling strategies as a traffic source for gambling affiliate networks
Gambling strategies as a traffic source for gambling affiliate networks

Actually for this is like to eat shit, I don’t do this. In my opinion this is bad way and low qality traffic.

V. Betting tips

Video betting tips as a free source of traffic for betting affiliate offers
Video betting tips as a free source of traffic for betting affiliate offers

There are a lot of room to create content – but you need to be en expert. Or find an expert. You need to be consistent, there could be another monetization model – paid tips (with success rate over 80%). I’ve tryed this in my own way – I was translating predictions from russian to english and making videos. I do that for 30 days, but was not succeed maybe the reason is my English level, maybe something else.

That’s all. Thank you for your attantion, if you have any questions – ask them in comments below this post.

How I’ve bought auto generated site and pay back it less then in 3 months

Hi, there! Today I want to show you not exactly the case study. It’s more like an example of short time opportunity.

It was August 2018 and I have some extra money to invest in some internet traffic sources. I’ve decided to buy a site. I have something like 400 USD on this, so I was looking for a niche-specified underestimated site (for example something in short term loans niche) or site with auto-generated content.

Video version on YouTube

I thought like this – I have not so much time or money so it should work as is, or with an small amount of work on it (rewrite some content or re-design, etc.). I have almost 0 experience in SEO and all of this, because of that I’ve preferred a site with proven traffic but weak monetization.

When you buy a site – its price usually estimates buy investment retention. For good strong projects, it’s about 35 X site monthly profit, for autogenerated sites it could be 3-6 months. Great thing was that not all of the webmasters were using push subscriptions as monetization. I don’t exactly know why. Some of them were afraid about behavioral factors to decrease maybe, somebody just didn’t know.

This one factor creates a window of opportunities – I have some data from the traffic that I was buying from pop ad networks (to collect push subs) and I understand average profit that each push sub could give me. Ok, enough words let’s have a look at 1 of the sites that I’ve bought in that period.

I’ve bought джастклик.рф for 85 USD in September 2018 there are 400 visitors in a day (average). And it gives something around 30-60 USD per month. That’s not a huge amount of money, but all that I’ve done – spend 1-2 hours to choose a site, 2 hours to move it on my VDS, 1 hour to add push subscription monetization. And after all, it has made ~550 USD out of 85USD + 2USD in the domain name.

This site still getting views from Google, so that’s not the end of the story. There are always some great opportunities to invest money or create a side income. We just shouldn’t afraid to try something new.

If you’ve some questions or suggestions for future posts – leave a comment below.