How to failure in CPA marketing with ROI ~250% step by step guide

Hi, guys. I’m always try to be honest with you, so this is my post of my greedy stuoidity and pain)).

I’ve successful campaigns on Mexico for offer AmigosVias in CPAmatica. I like this kind of offers – low payment, unsaturated geo, non-adult offer page. Offer accepted Mobile and Desktop traffic + any registrations from 18+ users (usually payment depends on age + sometimes for users 18-30 y.o. you’ll not get paid).

I’ve found this offer most simply – I just asked my affiliate manager what offers are good for push traffic right now. She gives me 4 options. I’ve tested them 2 weren’t profitable, one was near break-even line and the last one was AmigosVias. I ran campaigns on MegapuSh.

AmigosVias statistics for MegapuSh campaigns
AmigosVias statistics for MegapuSh campaigns

I’m always trying to find unsaturated countries or slices of traffic. So, I start with Desktop and 4 campaigns were profitable from the start. Angle was the same for all creatives – mimicry for native dialog with pretty girl. Here is one of them.

Sample of dating creative for AmigosVias – Mexico

Ok, let’s go to the numbers. I’ve used for this offer MegapuSh and PropellerAds. In PA total AdSpend 60 USD and Revenue 155 USD, in MP 82.89 USD AdSpend and 100.4 USD Revenue.

Statistics of mobile ad campaign at PropellerAds for AmigosVias
Statistics of mobile ad campaign at PropellerAds for AmigosVias
AmigosVias campaign statistics for Desktop Push Ads Campaign At PropellerAds
AmigosVias campaign statistics for Desktop Push Ads Campaign At PropellerAds

So where is failure? This offer has been stopped at 08 January, I was greedy with my regular strategy – 1 impression per 14 days (336 hours). When I’ve received the warning that this offer will be stopped, I’ve changed setting to 1 impression per 24 hours, but it was too late)). My conclusions: first – I should always try to scale profitable campaigns, especially if overall ROI is higher than 200%; second – I should always try successful offers in all push networks with what I’m working.

Thanks for your attention, hope that this post will help you not repeat my mistake.

Adsense arbitrage ~25 000 USD – still working ?!


The main idea isn’t new – buy cheap traffic from not restricted sources (pop-up traffic and adult are restricted) to your Adsense site. Is it restricted by Adsense rules? No.

But when we speak about AdSense arbitrage we should track the quality of buying traffic. And of course, if something would be wrong with this traffic google could terminate your account. But Google could do it anyway, so… ))

Push ads tests in august 2019 (ROI up to 495%)

This post is result of my test in Megapu.Sh. I’m a greedy person, so I really like to buy cheap traffic and try to monetize it, also it gives me an opportunity to make more tests.

My statistycs in MegpuSh august 2019
My statistycs in MegpuSh august 2019

Desktop push ads – better for tests (just my theory)

Most of all push ads case studies about mobile traffic. That’s because of CR on mobile traffic always higher than on desktop (of course there are some exceptions but whatever). The second reason is that amount of mobile subscriptions higher in 5-200 times. But to make some tests (choose an offer for ex.) desktop would be more comfortable.

So I have made first of all desktop campaigns. If I have positive ROI I create a copy on mobile.

Countries to start

Main idea – buy cheap traffic (CPC 0,1-0,2$) . After that I was looking for countries with rather big desktop audience in MP – 20 mln+ (exception if some of offers goes really well – then OK I could try to make creatives on each and every geo of this offer).

And in your affiliate netowrks should be offers for this geo (for example it’s really difficult to find offers for Afghanistan).

Creatives, countries and offers, that have worked for me

Money amulet

Man’s nutra (ACE)


PC game (World Of Tanks)

Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine,

I’m making creatives by myself for CIS regions or English speaking countries. When it comes to other regions I cut text from landing page, paste it in google translate, find parts that would be good for heading and main message.

Some extra stats

Stats in MegapuSh in august 2019
Stats in MegapuSh in august 2019