Ho ho Holidays and traffic arbitrage

Hi, friends. Happy holidays to all of you. Let’s talk about traffic arbitrage (CPA marketing) on holidays. Some of my and your colleagues stop ad campaigns on holidays. There are obvious reasons to do that: 1) they want to get rest and not take control over campaigns; 2) they work with verticals sensitive to holidays (for example my results in dating in New Year’s Eve (31 Dec – 1 Jan) is worth than in regular days or weekends. Also, fewer new campaigns get started in holidays (fewer moderators in ad networks + fewer affiliate marketers work in Holidays).

Video version traffic arbitrage (CPA marketing) on holidays

I look at that as an opportunity. I’m buying more traffic, this traffic would be of higher quality for the same bid. As you see for the same campaign from 26 to 29 Dec there were 1800 clicks with medium (M) activity, 10000 clicks with low (L) activity, and almost zero with high (H) activity. As you see from 30 Dec to 6 Jan I’ve received 10550 clicks with L activity, 3150 with M, and 150 with H. So, the proportion of M and H activities traffic is higher as I expected.

Amount of Push traffic by zone activity from 26 to 29 of Dec in PropellerAds
Amount of Push traffic by zone activity from 26 to 29 of Dec in PropellerAds
Traffic volume from 30 Dec to 6 Jan in Push format propeller ads by zone activity
Traffic volume from 30 Dec to 6 Jan in Push format propeller ads by zone activity

Also, the conversion ratio even higher in holidays for this campaign. But this could be an accident, cause I’ve launched this campaign only on Dec 26. That’s why while I was turning off not working creatives and zones, CR was lower.

And the same situation on other campaigns, CR on 31 Dec was lower, but on 1st Jan and till today (6th) it’s equal or even better than usual. Thanks for your attention. If you have any question ask them in commentaries to this post.

Black Friday deals (affiliate marketing related) that I use

Hi, here you could find BF deals from Affiliate Networks and Ads Networks, that I use.

[PushAds] MegapuSh (+$50)

MegapuSh gives extra 50$ for the first top-up for 100$ or more. To get this promo code write their manager (Anjelika) in Telegram (only for new users).

[PushAds+NativeAds] MGID (+29%)

Get an extra 29% on top-up from $500 to $5000 until the end of 2019. Write to support of MGID for details (up to 31 Dec 2019).

[PushAds-PopAds-…] PlugRush (+15% and +10%)

Voucher code: BLACK15

Voucher code for PlugRush: BLACK 15 (up to 2nd Dec 2019). Also you could use this: 10FORQ4 (up to 31 Dec 2019).

They always publish voucher codes on their blog.

[PushAds] AdOperator (+$100)

Promo code:  BLACKFRIDAY19

Top-up on $300 or over to get $100 with promo code: BLACKFRIDAY19.

[AdultDating] ProfitSocial

They’ll increase offers payouts

I’ve seen this in MP channel, so I don’t exactly know how much will be value of this. But they promise that they’ll increase offer payouts. I work with them pretty long, so I think that I wouldd see difference at list for my Poland campaigns.

List of push ad networks with cheap but quality traffic (works for me)

My telegram group (here you can ask advice about affiliate marketing)

When you want to start your affiliate marketing jorney you should choose an offer and traffic source. Of cource you could say about tracer, pre-landings, creatives, etc., but in my opinion if you have bad offer or super saturated traffic source your chanses to find your first profit extrwmly decreses. So let’s speak about traffic sources, that I’m using for now and I’m planning to use in 2020.


Geo volumes of push ads in MegapuSh
Geo volumes of push ads in MegapuSh

This is the first and biggest push ads network. Good thing is that owners and team always work on improvement of traffic quality, for example, they’ve added a “free-click” feature. If they determine that from some of the feed sources you’re getting bot traffic – you will not pay.

Free clicks in Megapu.Sh
Free clicks in MegapuSh
  • Minimum deposit – 100 USD
  • Minimum bid – 0,001 USD (0,1 US cent) – CPC
  • 100 different feeds (but if your balance below 500 USD you could create ad campaigns only for main feed)
  • Vertical auction (you could buy traffic from MP creatives for one of available countries and verticals)
  • Loyalty system (when you fill your balance for 500 USD or more you will get “MP”, 1 MP = 15$. The minimum value for exchange is 10 MP)


Geo volumes at Trending.Bid
Geo volumes at Trending.Bid

I love this push ads network. First of all, they always have some promotions for new or existing advertisers. For now, you could get 1000₽ (~15 USD) to test their traffic. Second – they have the lowest minimum CPM on the market 0,01₽ (~0,00016 USD). Third – very fast support in Telegram.

  • Minimum deposit – 500₽ (~7,8 USD)
  • Minimum bid – 0,01₽ (~0,016 US cent) – CPM
  • 8 different SSP (traffic sources)
  • Target by subscription age
  • Target by browser language


Geo volumes at PropellerAds
Geo volumes at PropellerAds

Another one push ads network with HQ cheap traffic. I think there are best split test options in ProppellerAds. When you create your campaign you could create several ad copies, and then in dashboard open your campaign – creatives, and see how it works.

Split-test option in PropellerAds
Split-test option in PropellerAds
  • Minimum deposit – 100 USD
  • Minimum bid – 0,01 USD – CPM
  • Target by user activity (higher activity – higher CTR)
  • Target by browser language

I love to buy traffic in the CPM model because it gives me the opportunity to buy more cheap traffic. Of course, I could buy Trending.Bid and PropellerAds traffic through Megapush, but when I buy it directly I could buy more for less price.