How I’ve bought auto generated site and pay back it less then in 3 months

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Hi, there! Today I want to show you not exactly the case study. It’s more like an example of short time opportunity.

It was August 2018 and I have some extra money to invest in some internet traffic sources. I’ve decided to buy a site. I have something like 400 USD on this, so I was looking for a niche-specified underestimated site (for example something in short term loans niche) or site with auto-generated content.

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I thought like this – I have not so much time or money so it should work as is, or with an small amount of work on it (rewrite some content or re-design, etc.). I have almost 0 experience in SEO and all of this, because of that I’ve preferred a site with proven traffic but weak monetization.

When you buy a site – its price usually estimates buy investment retention. For good strong projects, it’s about 35 X site monthly profit, for autogenerated sites it could be 3-6 months. Great thing was that not all of the webmasters were using push subscriptions as monetization. I don’t exactly know why. Some of them were afraid about behavioral factors to decrease maybe, somebody just didn’t know.

This one factor creates a window of opportunities – I have some data from the traffic that I was buying from pop ad networks (to collect push subs) and I understand average profit that each push sub could give me. Ok, enough words let’s have a look at 1 of the sites that I’ve bought in that period.

I’ve bought джастклик.рф for 85 USD in September 2018 there are 400 visitors in a day (average). And it gives something around 30-60 USD per month. That’s not a huge amount of money, but all that I’ve done – spend 1-2 hours to choose a site, 2 hours to move it on my VDS, 1 hour to add push subscription monetization. And after all, it has made ~550 USD out of 85USD + 2USD in the domain name.

This site still getting views from Google, so that’s not the end of the story. There are always some great opportunities to invest money or create a side income. We just shouldn’t afraid to try something new.

If you’ve some questions or suggestions for future posts – leave a comment below.

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