How to set up New Campaign in Keitaro TDS – step by step guide

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Hi, friends. Today I will show you how to create and set up a CPA marketing campaign. I work with the Keitaro TDS tracker, so I will show the entire process in it.

But the process will be pretty much the same for other trackers.
The campaign consists of two main parts – an ad network and an offer.

Let’s set up a new CPA Campaign

How to create campaign in Keitaro TDS

1) Choose an Affiliate Networks Tab. You should create an affiliate network – choose one of the templates. Input a name for this affiliate network, click on the “Create” button. If there are no templates – you can write to Keitaro TDS support, or open your Affiliate Network -> FAQ page and follow steps from this page.

How to create Affilliate Network at Keitaro Tracker

Also, you can write to your affiliate manager, they are always interested in your profit and try to help you or give a source of information.

Add postback URL from “Postback URL field” to your affiliate network.

2) Choose Offers Tab. Click “Create” -> Input relevant name (for example countries + vertical + language) -> Choose Affiliate Network field. Copy-paste your offer’s url (take it in affiliate network) and add parameters.

Offer creating process in Keitaro TDS

3) Choose Source Tab. Click “Create” -> Choose template. Click on the “Create” Button.

How to create Source in Keitaro Tracker

4) Choose Campaigns Tab. Click “Create” -> Input name (mention countries, vertical, language)-> Select Group (I use verticals as groups)-> Select Source -> “Create Stream” button -> Schema -> Landing Pages & Offers -> Add Offers -> Check Offer -> Click “Apply”.

Campaign Settings in Keitaro TDS

That’s All. If you have any questions – ask in comments below or in our Telegram Group:

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