Free traffic for gambling and betting affiliate programs [Part 1] [Mobile Apps]

Hi, there. I hope that you’re doing well. In this post, I want to talk about triple magic unicorn – free traffic, gambling and betting affiliate networks, and passive income.

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First of all free traffic is not free. It always costs you at least time, but more often money as well. The second – you could have a passive income if you work with a revenue share model, but it will be stable only on a big amount of players. Plus it takes some time to grow enough. The third – I strongly recommend revenue share, because in this variant it doesn’t matter how much is FTD (first time deposit), or other KPIs (second deposit for ex.) – you share profit and risk, so you wouldn’t be in a situation when yours payout will be canceled and your affiliate account will be banned.

Today I gonna show you my results and my experience with gambling and betting traffic from mobile applications. It would be some kind of ASO (AppStore Search Optimization) traffic. Let’s start from sweet part – stats.

Monthly stats from MostPartner
Monthly stats from MostPartner
My monthly income from 1xBet
My monthly “passive income” from 1xBet
My monthly statistycs from WelcomePartners
My monthly statistycs from WelcomePartners

So what I have done: 1) Collect keywords related to casinos and bookmakers; 2) Registered at affiliate networks with RevShare offers for this brands; 3) Create mobile WebView apps (maybe with some extra content) for each brand; 4) Register developer accounts in 3rd party stores, go through pre-approval process (if it exists); 5) Load applications in 3rd party stores and on fil exchange sites (with search engine).

Let’s try to go through this process.

1)Keywords. I just search in google top-100 bookmakers and top-100 online casinos. My logic was pretty simple – if they are in the ratings – they are popular and they have an affiliate network. Then all these brands I have added to google keywords tool – to estimate search volume.

2) Then I’ve started looking for affiliate offers for top-20 bookmakers and top-20 casinos (top 20 in terms of search volume). In that time I’ve preferred aggregators than direct affiliate networks – because when you one-man team it’s much more easy to work with 2-5 aggregators than with 40 direct affiliate networks. Some networks have rejected me, but in these, I’ve successfully finished a sign-up process and get access to all revenue share gambling and betting offers that they have:

A. WelcomePartners – they have a network of very famous in CIS region casino brands (Vulkan, Joycasino, GMS Deluxe, etc.)

PlayAttack Affiliate Program
PlayAttack Affiliate Program

B. PlayAttack – they have 6 casino brands – popularity growth because of special promotions that oriented on streamers

PaySale Affiliate Network
PaySale Affiliate Network

C. PaySale – mostly because of 1xBet starting RS 22,5% VS 15% in direct affiliate network

D. AlfaLeads – a lot of gambling and betting offers but most of them are CPS (not revenue share).

3Snet affiliate network
3Snet affiliate network

E. 3snet and Advertise – actually not sure could you use them or not with google translate – but there are a lot of offers for popular brands + fast approve. Actually, Revenue Share percentage for 1xBet in these Networks higher than in PaySale but I’m not sure about how convenient for you it will be to use them with google translator.

AppsGeyser dashboard
AppsGeyser dashboard

3) If you are ready to create an app in Android Studio – just sea rch “how to create WebView application” – for 3rd party stores it would be enough. File share networks usually don’t have any requirements or moderation. Also, you could use AppsGeyser it’s very easy, free (but with ads) and I’ve created some apps in it before I’ve started my Android Studio experiments.
When you have created your first app try to upload it.

CatappultIo - 3rd party Android app store
CatappultIo – 3rd party Android app store

4) Register at 3rd party stores, I recommend to try (previously it was called Aptoide), there is a decent amount of traffic. Upload at file exchange services with search engines (for example 4shared).
If upload goes without problems repeat it for all brends that you’ve collected.

When you upload your *.apk files don’t forget to add headlines and descripription. I just grab them from top-10 of google search sites.

That’s all if you have any questions – leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and have a huge profit.

List of push ad networks with cheap but quality traffic (works for me)

My telegram group (here you can ask advice about affiliate marketing)

When you want to start your affiliate marketing jorney you should choose an offer and traffic source. Of cource you could say about tracer, pre-landings, creatives, etc., but in my opinion if you have bad offer or super saturated traffic source your chanses to find your first profit extrwmly decreses. So let’s speak about traffic sources, that I’m using for now and I’m planning to use in 2020.


Geo volumes of push ads in MegapuSh
Geo volumes of push ads in MegapuSh

This is the first and biggest push ads network. Good thing is that owners and team always work on improvement of traffic quality, for example, they’ve added a “free-click” feature. If they determine that from some of the feed sources you’re getting bot traffic – you will not pay.

Free clicks in Megapu.Sh
Free clicks in MegapuSh
  • Minimum deposit – 100 USD
  • Minimum bid – 0,001 USD (0,1 US cent) – CPC
  • 100 different feeds (but if your balance below 500 USD you could create ad campaigns only for main feed)
  • Vertical auction (you could buy traffic from MP creatives for one of available countries and verticals)
  • Loyalty system (when you fill your balance for 500 USD or more you will get “MP”, 1 MP = 15$. The minimum value for exchange is 10 MP)


Geo volumes at Trending.Bid
Geo volumes at Trending.Bid

I love this push ads network. First of all, they always have some promotions for new or existing advertisers. For now, you could get 1000₽ (~15 USD) to test their traffic. Second – they have the lowest minimum CPM on the market 0,01₽ (~0,00016 USD). Third – very fast support in Telegram.

  • Minimum deposit – 500₽ (~7,8 USD)
  • Minimum bid – 0,01₽ (~0,016 US cent) – CPM
  • 8 different SSP (traffic sources)
  • Target by subscription age
  • Target by browser language


Geo volumes at PropellerAds
Geo volumes at PropellerAds

Another one push ads network with HQ cheap traffic. I think there are best split test options in ProppellerAds. When you create your campaign you could create several ad copies, and then in dashboard open your campaign – creatives, and see how it works.

Split-test option in PropellerAds
Split-test option in PropellerAds
  • Minimum deposit – 100 USD
  • Minimum bid – 0,01 USD – CPM
  • Target by user activity (higher activity – higher CTR)
  • Target by browser language

I love to buy traffic in the CPM model because it gives me the opportunity to buy more cheap traffic. Of course, I could buy Trending.Bid and PropellerAds traffic through Megapush, but when I buy it directly I could buy more for less price.

How I’ve bought auto generated site and pay back it less then in 3 months

Hi, there! Today I want to show you not exactly the case study. It’s more like an example of short time opportunity.

It was August 2018 and I have some extra money to invest in some internet traffic sources. I’ve decided to buy a site. I have something like 400 USD on this, so I was looking for a niche-specified underestimated site (for example something in short term loans niche) or site with auto-generated content.

Video version on YouTube

I thought like this – I have not so much time or money so it should work as is, or with an small amount of work on it (rewrite some content or re-design, etc.). I have almost 0 experience in SEO and all of this, because of that I’ve preferred a site with proven traffic but weak monetization.

When you buy a site – its price usually estimates buy investment retention. For good strong projects, it’s about 35 X site monthly profit, for autogenerated sites it could be 3-6 months. Great thing was that not all of the webmasters were using push subscriptions as monetization. I don’t exactly know why. Some of them were afraid about behavioral factors to decrease maybe, somebody just didn’t know.

This one factor creates a window of opportunities – I have some data from the traffic that I was buying from pop ad networks (to collect push subs) and I understand average profit that each push sub could give me. Ok, enough words let’s have a look at 1 of the sites that I’ve bought in that period.

I’ve bought джастклик.рф for 85 USD in September 2018 there are 400 visitors in a day (average). And it gives something around 30-60 USD per month. That’s not a huge amount of money, but all that I’ve done – spend 1-2 hours to choose a site, 2 hours to move it on my VDS, 1 hour to add push subscription monetization. And after all, it has made ~550 USD out of 85USD + 2USD in the domain name.

This site still getting views from Google, so that’s not the end of the story. There are always some great opportunities to invest money or create a side income. We just shouldn’t afraid to try something new.

If you’ve some questions or suggestions for future posts – leave a comment below.

Easiest way to get first profit in affiliate marketing – Blueprint [ROI ~220%]

Hi, guys, today I’m gonna show you one of the easiest way (in my opinion) to start affiliate marketing. So let’s talk about evergreen vertical – adult dating. I think that this is the best vertical to start, because even without any experience you could create good creatives, and if you find a good traffic source you would be profitable. Also, there are a lot of CPA (cost per action) offers with free registration – so it’s easier to get conversions and make optimization.

Ok, I want to show you push ads network (Trending.Bid) with lowest CPM bid I’ve ever seen. For now, it is 0,01₽ (0,00016 USD) of course you couldn’t buy tier 1 geo for this price. But for all countries, there is not so saturated auction like in other networks, for example, I have bought Poland mobile traffic with an average CPC of ~0,2 US cents. Current volume and bid for each country you could see on the “news” page.

Trending bid - volumes and bids for countries
“Top bid can cover up to 90% of traffic, Min bid can cover up to 10%. Bids are counted for 1000 impressions. Average CTR for desktop is 1.5% for mobile – 1%.”

As you see you could but traffic from Turkey with 0,00032 USD – 3k push ads views for 0,1 US cent. That’s really crazy.

When you work with push ads you should use pre-landers with age verifying (if you want to send visitors to adult offers). Here are some examples of age verification pre-landings.

Your subscription could not be saved. Please try again.
Your subscription has been successful.

 You could download this pre landings

Don’t forget to replace all affiliate links ($link1 and $link2) to yours.

I recommend placing your pre-landers on the hosting or VDS that has a low time delay for most of the countries. There is an easy way or right way. If you want to make it easy choose simple hosting (cheaper is better), for example Zomro – starts from 1.25 EUR per month (10 day free trial). If you want to do it in the right way I recommend to use Digital Ocean (if you use my refferal link you’ll get $50 free bonus), choose VDS in Amsterdam or Frankfurt. Droplet for 10-15 USD in a month would be enough for beginning. Another advantage of this hosting is that you could easily scale your VDS when you need – increase SSD or CPU. You should install control panel on it – I recommend Vesta CP – it’s completely free, easy to install and you could create SSL certificates in 2 clicks.

Ok, we’ve decided where to buy traffic, where we should sell it? For now, I use 4 affiliate programs with dating SmartLink – iMonetizeit, ProfitSocial, CPAmatica, LosPollos. CPAmatica has the best non-adult dating SmartLink – I use it for traffic back. It’s important because if a visitor didn’t pass age verification he would be sent to a non-adult offer and will earn some money from these guys.

There is a SmartLink with the best CPM rates for adult dating in iMonetizeIt (or at least I think so). I use this affiliate network for most of the countries. ProfitSocial I use for Poland traffic – conversions up to 1,5 USD. LosPollos I use for tier 3 geos because sometimes you will see high CPS (cost per sale conversions).

Ok. So how to set-up your pre-landing properly. I use one button pre-landings like “Yes, I am 18+” etc. I save my pre-landings in *.php files to send sub ids through pre-landing to an affiliate program. Example of code, that solves this problem:

$link = ''.$_GET['sub1'].'&s5='.$_GET['sub2'].'&click_id='.$_GET['clickid'].'&j1=1&j3=1';
$link2 = ''; 
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30;<?print $link2;?>">
<a href="<?print $link;?>

I recommend to set up postback links in affiliate ad networks. Like this – edit SmartLink – S2S postback URL 1 – Copy value from your trending bid ads campaign and paste it in this field.

iMonetizeIt postback settings for trending bid and megapush
iMonetizeIt postback settings for trending bid and megapush

Almost the same operation for CPAmatica – go to mainstream SmartLink and paste the value from trending bid ad company.

CPAMatica postback settings for trending bid
CPAMatica postback settings for trending bid

Campaign and creative settings. If you’re a newbie and want to make your first profit I recommend starting from not saturated geos, low bids and all subscription age (including push subs that 90+ days on). You could start from Poland, Italy, Germany, Hungary with a bid of 0,6₽-3₽ – Mobile OS – All languages (and duplicate campaigns for desktop OS’s). Also, you could start from all geo except India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan with bid 0,1₽ it also would be profitable.

For campaign I choose 1 impression per user in a day, for creative 1 impression per user in 14 days. So User would see only 1 of my creatives in a day and would see the same creative after 14 days.

About creatives. 1) Be creative – yes you shouldn’t do the same things that all your colleagues do. Spy services could give you some examples but you should change them as much as possible. 2) Create at least 5-7 creatives for each geo. In my experience one of them would be the winner – profitable from the start. If there are no conversions with ad spent that equals to your CPA – stop it. 3) Add new creatives every 1-2 weeks for each of you working geos.

Adsense arbitrage ~25 000 USD – still working ?!


The main idea isn’t new – buy cheap traffic from not restricted sources (pop-up traffic and adult are restricted) to your Adsense site. Is it restricted by Adsense rules? No.

But when we speak about AdSense arbitrage we should track the quality of buying traffic. And of course, if something would be wrong with this traffic google could terminate your account. But Google could do it anyway, so… ))

Push ads tests in august 2019 (ROI up to 495%)

This post is result of my test in Megapu.Sh. I’m a greedy person, so I really like to buy cheap traffic and try to monetize it, also it gives me an opportunity to make more tests.

My statistycs in MegpuSh august 2019
My statistycs in MegpuSh august 2019

Desktop push ads – better for tests (just my theory)

Most of all push ads case studies about mobile traffic. That’s because of CR on mobile traffic always higher than on desktop (of course there are some exceptions but whatever). The second reason is that amount of mobile subscriptions higher in 5-200 times. But to make some tests (choose an offer for ex.) desktop would be more comfortable.

So I have made first of all desktop campaigns. If I have positive ROI I create a copy on mobile.

Countries to start

Main idea – buy cheap traffic (CPC 0,1-0,2$) . After that I was looking for countries with rather big desktop audience in MP – 20 mln+ (exception if some of offers goes really well – then OK I could try to make creatives on each and every geo of this offer).

And in your affiliate netowrks should be offers for this geo (for example it’s really difficult to find offers for Afghanistan).

Creatives, countries and offers, that have worked for me

Money amulet

Man’s nutra (ACE)


PC game (World Of Tanks)

Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine,

I’m making creatives by myself for CIS regions or English speaking countries. When it comes to other regions I cut text from landing page, paste it in google translate, find parts that would be good for heading and main message.

Some extra stats

Stats in MegapuSh in august 2019
Stats in MegapuSh in august 2019

Case study: Pop-ad networks + Push subscription offers (still working)

How I had start to work with push-subscriptions offers

I had start full time work with paid traffic in august 2018. I’ve used pop-ad networks with push subcription offers. I had chosen revenue-share model (because long-time ROI higher). I was working with – best push subscription affiliate program in my opinion. In November they’ve stopped work with affiliates (start use only their own media buying department to collect push-subscriptions).