Push ads traffic RIP (again)? Let’s talk about it (Chrome 80)

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Hi friends, let’s talk about the upcoming Chrome 80 update, and what it will bring to us. First of all, it’s about “Silence Mode” or how they name this (Quiet UI). It will block push subscriptions requests from sites with low CR in subs.

Is it bad? I think no because when you work with pop ads or other sources when you’ve collected black/white list + choose the best landing page your CR will be above at list 3% (for me 5%+).

I think that the most dangerous part is about plans. Check out official chromium blog: “Later in 2020 we plan to enable additional enforcement against abusive websites using web notifications for ads, malware or deceptive purposes. This enforcement will be described in detail in a future blog post.”

And this is a scary part. Because Google, I think, is best in AI and data analysis. Why do I think so? They have the biggest data volume. Ok, what should we wait, and what should we do?

In my opinion, if Google said “We will fight against push ads” we should expect a decrease of push traffic volume. Of course, networks will find some solutions like minimizing push ads frequency or avoiding some words in blacklists, or whatever. This is their business and I’m sure they’ll find some solution to increase the lifetime of push ads. But Google will win because it always wins. Check out 1xbet in Google Play to be sure :-).

Are there some proofs? Only indirect, first Megapu.Sh (the biggest push ads network) offers push ads through PWA (progressive web apps – like sites with app icons on Android devices) + first page ads + SMS ads; the second Propeller.Ads + Trending.Bid offer in-page Push (looking like push notification pop-up banner). It looks like diversification + insurance.

I think that big players see the big picture better than me, so I try to switch on Native Ads traffic + Pop Ads traffic. For now, this process is not completed, but it is what it is – I’m trying to duplicate big players’ approach but in my own scale. BTW in-page ads is a pretty good format in terms of CR (at least for now); first-page ads format is not good for me, but there are a lot of good cases with it even for betting and gambling. Actually, there is a good strategy with a personal remarketing user, that has deposited in the casino, bookmaker. This strategy increases LTV.

What are my conclusions? My profitable push ads campaigns I will not stop till thaey make money for me)). Because my goal is money making)). But I try to avoid possible difficulties – buy more Native Ads + create more traffic for gambling and betting – long money is like retirement savings for affiliates ;-). So be prepaired my friends. If you have some questions – ask them in comments or in our Telegram group: https://t.me/affiliate_marketing_newbie

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