1xpartners affiliate network – review and T&C updates

What is it and why I use it

1xpartners is an official 1xBet affiliate network. Back in days it was bookmaker, but now users can play in 1xGames and casino. So, even in quarantine they monetize users.

Reasons to use it:

  1. 1xBet is a well-known brand. It’s reputation is questionable. But they buy a lot of ads.
  2. It’s easy to start work with. If they will not accept you, you can send traffic to them through aggregators.

That what I do – I use CPAkitchen and 3Snet. They will pay you 27% Revenue Share from the start (against 15% in 1xpartners, according to T&C it can be increased up to 25%). They change redirect domains (at least CPAkitchen) fore some countries it’s necessary.

Main affiliate network (1xpartners) I use only for promo codes – because aggregators don’t have this opportunity. But they give me only ~2% of FD (first deposits).

1xpartners T&C updates (what was changed and why it’s important)

Main change is paragraph 7.3. If you will stop traffic (attract less than 3 new users in 3 months), 1xpartners can reduce your Revenue Share or even terminate your account. What can we do with that? I’m splitting traffic among aggregators. It gives me several advantages: higher Revenue Share, Lower risks of account termination (even if I’ll stop my traffic I’ll get my money), When somebody have big wins I still have profit at another affiliate program.

How to set up New Campaign in Keitaro TDS – step by step guide

Hi, friends. Today I will show you how to create and set up a CPA marketing campaign. I work with the Keitaro TDS tracker, so I will show the entire process in it.

But the process will be pretty much the same for other trackers.
The campaign consists of two main parts – an ad network and an offer.

Let’s set up a new CPA Campaign

How to create campaign in Keitaro TDS

1) Choose an Affiliate Networks Tab. You should create an affiliate network – choose one of the templates. Input a name for this affiliate network, click on the “Create” button. If there are no templates – you can write to Keitaro TDS support, or open your Affiliate Network -> FAQ page and follow steps from this page.

How to create Affilliate Network at Keitaro Tracker

Also, you can write to your affiliate manager, they are always interested in your profit and try to help you or give a source of information.

Add postback URL from “Postback URL field” to your affiliate network.

2) Choose Offers Tab. Click “Create” -> Input relevant name (for example countries + vertical + language) -> Choose Affiliate Network field. Copy-paste your offer’s url (take it in affiliate network) and add parameters.

Offer creating process in Keitaro TDS

3) Choose Source Tab. Click “Create” -> Choose template. Click on the “Create” Button.

How to create Source in Keitaro Tracker

4) Choose Campaigns Tab. Click “Create” -> Input name (mention countries, vertical, language)-> Select Group (I use verticals as groups)-> Select Source -> “Create Stream” button -> Schema -> Landing Pages & Offers -> Add Offers -> Check Offer -> Click “Apply”.

Campaign Settings in Keitaro TDS

That’s All. If you have any questions – ask in comments below or in our Telegram Group: https://t.me/affiliate_marketing_newbie

Case Study: Push Traffic from Trending.Bid + World Of Tanks (SOI) = +122%ROI

Hi, friends. In this case, I’ll show that gaming offers can be more than profitable. I’m talking about World Of Tanks [SOI] MultiGeo at OfferGate affiliate network (signing up with my referral link will support my channel and blog).

Attention! This offer is making a profit right now (Check statistics at the end of the article). With my bid and Ad frequency, it shows ROI 100%+. Also, you pay for traffic in rubles and get payouts in US dollars, so with current conversion, it’s even more profitable.

Short Summary

In Trending.Bid I’ve spent 51575.73โ‚ฝ (around 850 USD with old conversion) from 15 October 2019 to 23 March 2020. In OfferGate I’ve earned with this offer (including waiting payments) 1708.12USD.

All this money I used to top-up Trending.Bid – because I have a lot of campaigns in this network. So it is 114534.85 rubles (including changing of conversion for different periods). ROI is +122.07%.

How I chosen offer and traffic source

I choose Trending.Bid because of two main reasons:
1) When you top-up Trending.Bid with your OfferGate.Pro earnings you’ll get an extra 10% bonus. That’s convenient – your chances to break even or have positive ROI from the start are higher.
2) I’m buying desktop traffic in TrB for a long time (since January 2019 I think). That’s why I have a large Black List.

Why I’ve chosen World Of Tanks [SOI] as an offer?
1) I know that there is a lot of high-quality desktop traffic in TrB – that’s why desktop offer.
2) World Of Tanks is a well-known game, especially in RU and CIS region (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.). People recognize it, so it should be easy to advertise.
3) The payment was in USD (1.6 USD per lead), and for SOI (registration without confirmation).

Settings for push campaigns and creatives

1) Title. That’s easy. [Geo]-[Offer Name], sometimes I add device type if campaign targeted only on Desktop or Mobile.

2) Postback. You must enter some text in the “lead title” field, if this field will be blank you will not see any data. So I enter something like CPA – it’s not important what to type in this field. The price I don’t enter, I’m sending it through tracker or affiliate network.
Copy postback URL “http://passfixx.com/lead/dspsl/lead1?trkId=${trackid}” and add it to your affiliate network.

In this case, open OfferGate website – menu in the left – tools – Postback URL – Add New – Choose source (TrB or your name for trending bid) – Choose offer (World Of Tanks) – Check goal – In Step 3 Click on All Templates – TrendingBid.

3) Limits. I set an initial ad campaign budget as a number of creatives*CPA. So for World Of Tanks, I placed 5 (number of creatives) * 90 rubles (approximately 1.6 USD in the middle of Oct).

Unique impressions I limit as 1 for 1 user in a day. First, I like to create multiple campaigns targeted on profitable countries (offers from the same vertical or even from different verticals). I don’t like to increase my bid. So, the audience sees each of my campaigns once a day or even not see.

It’s good also because if you’re promoting not Cash On Delivery/Casino/Betting, a user sees not so many ads from competitors. If you don’t believe me try to push allow on a website with cinema or series)).

My default settings for creatives in TrB.

1) Title. Short offer name – number of creative – Region (if it’s not main) – Limits (if they exist).

I’ll explain. First creative I named WoT1 – because region RU+CIS is main (for this campaign) and I didn’t add anything to the name of this creative. But its copy for the rest of the countries was named as WoT1-NotCIS-RU-RU – all regions except RU and CIS – Russian language. Creatives for New Year holidays was named WoT-10-NG, Because I wanted to stop them when holidays come to the end.

2) Region. I add all regions that Offer accepts. For World of Tanks, I separate on RU+CIS and other regions. With the same settings.

3) Browsers. I don’t change anything. We see in stats that Amigo Brower shows the lowest eCPC and I can turn it off. But ROI is above zero, soโ€ฆ

4) Operation Systems – I added Desktop Only, but somehow there are Android in stats. I can say that eCPC for Linux and macOS even higher than for Windows (based on statistics). If offer accepts desktop and mobile traffic I prefer to start work with the desktop. Main reason CTR for Desktop traffic is higher in 3-5 times.

5) Age of subscription. I buy all the subscriptions. In theory, this can be a mistake, because even on the 7th-day user should get banner blindness.

My wife subscribed to some cinema site, I took the tablet in hands 3 times and after that turned off all notifications – from all sites, block opportunity to subscribe, bock Chrome notifications.

In ad networks with macros for subscription age, I see that conversion rate for old subscriptions not always lower than for young ones. And the final conversion cost can be lower. So, I buy ad impressions for all subs. Sometimes in the beginning, I set up an initial bid lower in 2-3 times to buy older subs for a lower price.

In the best-case scenario, you should make copies of your creatives for different sub age to optimize your ad spend.
But it should be important for big traffic volumes.

6) Language. It depends on the region. For WoT offer, I choose “all” for the RU+CIS region (Russian is pretty popular in these territories), but for dating campaigns, I’m setting up only the same language as my creative.

7) Category of traffic source. I never touch this setting. I have big doubts about ัredibility of this information.

8) Schedule. I don’t touch it. Change it according to the schedule of your offer (for Cash On Delivery or Crypto offers).

9) Sources. I add all of them (all CPM), support recommends to make one copy of your creative for each ssp. If you spend $$$ it makes sense.

10) Blacklist and White list. I have Big Black List, that I’m using for all my desktop campaigns and another one for mobile campaigns. This is a questionable decision but my goal isn’t to make the biggest number of conversion. My goal is to achieve the best ROI with an available budget. If you want BL ask it in our Telegram chat.

11) Pricing Model – I always choose CPM. Back in days, CPC wasn’t available. But the reason is that the system works with CPM. When you mace creative with CPC bid, it will try to determine CPM value and again and again (if we assume, that your CTR will change). So, I’m pretty sure that creative with CPM model will get more views that its clone with CPC model because the system should count CTR risks in CPM calculation. For the CIS region, I set up an initial bid as 0.5 rubles, for RU 0.9 rubles. In the end, I set up a bid for top creatives as 1.2 rubles (it’s greedy). I understand, that in this case, I can increase the bid on a half.

12) Ad Impressions Frequency. I start with 1 impression in 14 days, if creative shows good ROI (over 50%) I increase impressions frequency to 1 in 7 days.

1) As all STM guides say when you test a new offer you should use 2 landing pages, 5 creatives. I follow this plan. When I create a new campaign, I try to make 5 different angles (but regularly it comes to 5 variations of the same angle).

World Of Tanks is a game offer and a well-known brand, so I have used the logo in different variations as an icon, for the main image I used images from google (arts).
From the first 5 creatives, 2 show the best result, and they brought almost all the money. Best creative I’ll not show, but it has a minimum difference with the second one. This is a translation of creatives on Russian.

Headline (H): Attention Fighter!
Description (D): We need you. Sign up and fight!

And here is 3 not so successful creatives:

2) Once in 3 weeks, I renewed the blacklist and after 1.5 months I decided to try new angles. With erotic content.
And this brought me another 2 profitable creatives:

And 3 bad

3) New Year was coming so I expect traffic growth and work under creatives again. I made another 3 creatives. All of them were good.

Now the most exciting part. Stats

I’ve spent in Trending.Bid 51575.73โ‚ฝ (15.10.19-23.03.20)
I’ve earned in OfferGate (including waiting): $1429.85+$278.27=$1708.12
ROI (all USD with internal OfferGate conversion to RUB): (114534.85โ‚ฝ-51575.73โ‚ฝ)100%/51575.73โ‚ฝ = +122.07% And if we count that all money I used to top up Trending Bid (to get 10% extra bonus): (114534.85โ‚ฝ1.1-51575.73โ‚ฝ)*100%/51575.73โ‚ฝ = +144.27%

1) Even if an offer isn’t “fresh” it can make profit for you.
2) If you have access to the SOI gaming offer – you should test it. Offers with Simple conversion are easy to optimize.
3) Gaming offers (and there are more than 30 of them in OfferGate) – good vertical to work with In terms of COVID-19. Payment in USD ad spend in rubles, so I don’t see any reasons to not test these offers.

Affiliate Marketing and COVID-19

So, All you know about Pandemic situation. It impacts on affiliate marketing. I see it in 2 of my verticals – betting and dating.

Dating situation is self-explained. Stay-at-home club = no dating.

Betting problems are simple too – sports events delayed or cancelled = less bettors. Yes, all bookmakers nowadays have casinos, but not all of bettors are gamblers. And no meter how good sportbooks’ marketeurs are. Some of bettors just leave you for this period and your income will drop.

OK, now about working niches:

  1. Gaming. My campaigns show profit growth. This make sense, because: stay-at-home club = a lot of time = people watch serials and play games.
  2. Online Money Making. A lot of companies closed, but people need money, so…
  3. Remote Adult Offers – Webcam and Adult Games. I have some doubts about that, but I will test them too.
  4. Gambling.

Push ads traffic RIP (again)? Let’s talk about it (Chrome 80)

Hi friends, let’s talk about the upcoming Chrome 80 update, and what it will bring to us. First of all, it’s about “Silence Mode” or how they name this (Quiet UI). It will block push subscriptions requests from sites with low CR in subs.

Is it bad? I think no because when you work with pop ads or other sources when you’ve collected black/white list + choose the best landing page your CR will be above at list 3% (for me 5%+).

I think that the most dangerous part is about plans. Check out official chromium blog: “Later in 2020 we plan to enable additional enforcement against abusive websites using web notifications for ads, malware or deceptive purposes. This enforcement will be described in detail in a future blog post.”

And this is a scary part. Because Google, I think, is best in AI and data analysis. Why do I think so? They have the biggest data volume. Ok, what should we wait, and what should we do?

In my opinion, if Google said “We will fight against push ads” we should expect a decrease of push traffic volume. Of course, networks will find some solutions like minimizing push ads frequency or avoiding some words in blacklists, or whatever. This is their business and I’m sure they’ll find some solution to increase the lifetime of push ads. But Google will win because it always wins. Check out 1xbet in Google Play to be sure :-).

Are there some proofs? Only indirect, first Megapu.Sh (the biggest push ads network) offers push ads through PWA (progressive web apps – like sites with app icons on Android devices) + first page ads + SMS ads; the second Propeller.Ads + Trending.Bid offer in-page Push (looking like push notification pop-up banner). It looks like diversification + insurance.

I think that big players see the big picture better than me, so I try to switch on Native Ads traffic + Pop Ads traffic. For now, this process is not completed, but it is what it is – I’m trying to duplicate big players’ approach but in my own scale. BTW in-page ads is a pretty good format in terms of CR (at least for now); first-page ads format is not good for me, but there are a lot of good cases with it even for betting and gambling. Actually, there is a good strategy with a personal remarketing user, that has deposited in the casino, bookmaker. This strategy increases LTV.

What are my conclusions? My profitable push ads campaigns I will not stop till thaey make money for me)). Because my goal is money making)). But I try to avoid possible difficulties – buy more Native Ads + create more traffic for gambling and betting – long money is like retirement savings for affiliates ;-). So be prepaired my friends. If you have some questions – ask them in comments or in our Telegram group: https://t.me/affiliate_marketing_newbie

How to failure in CPA marketing with ROI ~250% step by step guide

Hi, guys. I’m always try to be honest with you, so this is my post of my greedy stuoidity and pain)).

I’ve successful campaigns on Mexico for offer AmigosVias in CPAmatica. I like this kind of offers – low payment, unsaturated geo, non-adult offer page. Offer accepted Mobile and Desktop traffic + any registrations from 18+ users (usually payment depends on age + sometimes for users 18-30 y.o. you’ll not get paid).

I’ve found this offer most simply – I just asked my affiliate manager what offers are good for push traffic right now. She gives me 4 options. I’ve tested them 2 weren’t profitable, one was near break-even line and the last one was AmigosVias. I ran campaigns on MegapuSh.

AmigosVias statistics for MegapuSh campaigns
AmigosVias statistics for MegapuSh campaigns

I’m always trying to find unsaturated countries or slices of traffic. So, I start with Desktop and 4 campaigns were profitable from the start. Angle was the same for all creatives – mimicry for native dialog with pretty girl. Here is one of them.

Sample of dating creative for AmigosVias – Mexico

Ok, let’s go to the numbers. I’ve used for this offer MegapuSh and PropellerAds. In PA total AdSpend 60 USD and Revenue 155 USD, in MP 82.89 USD AdSpend and 100.4 USD Revenue.

Statistics of mobile ad campaign at PropellerAds for AmigosVias
Statistics of mobile ad campaign at PropellerAds for AmigosVias
AmigosVias campaign statistics for Desktop Push Ads Campaign At PropellerAds
AmigosVias campaign statistics for Desktop Push Ads Campaign At PropellerAds

So where is failure? This offer has been stopped at 08 January, I was greedy with my regular strategy – 1 impression per 14 days (336 hours). When I’ve received the warning that this offer will be stopped, I’ve changed setting to 1 impression per 24 hours, but it was too late)). My conclusions: first – I should always try to scale profitable campaigns, especially if overall ROI is higher than 200%; second – I should always try successful offers in all push networks with what I’m working.

Thanks for your attention, hope that this post will help you not repeat my mistake.

Ho ho Holidays and traffic arbitrage

Hi, friends. Happy holidays to all of you. Let’s talk about traffic arbitrage (CPA marketing) on holidays. Some of my and your colleagues stop ad campaigns on holidays. There are obvious reasons to do that: 1) they want to get rest and not take control over campaigns; 2) they work with verticals sensitive to holidays (for example my results in dating in New Year’s Eve (31 Dec – 1 Jan) is worth than in regular days or weekends. Also, fewer new campaigns get started in holidays (fewer moderators in ad networks + fewer affiliate marketers work in Holidays).

Video version traffic arbitrage (CPA marketing) on holidays

I look at that as an opportunity. I’m buying more traffic, this traffic would be of higher quality for the same bid. As you see for the same campaign from 26 to 29 Dec there were 1800 clicks with medium (M) activity, 10000 clicks with low (L) activity, and almost zero with high (H) activity. As you see from 30 Dec to 6 Jan I’ve received 10550 clicks with L activity, 3150 with M, and 150 with H. So, the proportion of M and H activities traffic is higher as I expected.

Amount of Push traffic by zone activity from 26 to 29 of Dec in PropellerAds
Amount of Push traffic by zone activity from 26 to 29 of Dec in PropellerAds
Traffic volume from 30 Dec to 6 Jan in Push format propeller ads by zone activity
Traffic volume from 30 Dec to 6 Jan in Push format propeller ads by zone activity

Also, the conversion ratio even higher in holidays for this campaign. But this could be an accident, cause I’ve launched this campaign only on Dec 26. That’s why while I was turning off not working creatives and zones, CR was lower.

And the same situation on other campaigns, CR on 31 Dec was lower, but on 1st Jan and till today (6th) it’s equal or even better than usual. Thanks for your attention. If you have any question ask them in commentaries to this post.

Black Friday deals (affiliate marketing related) that I use

Hi, here you could find BF deals from Affiliate Networks and Ads Networks, that I use.

[PushAds] MegapuSh (+$50)

MegapuSh gives extra 50$ for the first top-up for 100$ or more. To get this promo code write their manager (Anjelika) in Telegram (only for new users).

[PushAds+NativeAds] MGID (+29%)

Get an extra 29% on top-up from $500 to $5000 until the end of 2019. Write to support of MGID for details (up to 31 Dec 2019).

[PushAds-PopAds-…] PlugRush (+15% and +10%)

Voucher code: BLACK15

Voucher code for PlugRush: BLACK 15 (up to 2nd Dec 2019). Also you could use this: 10FORQ4 (up to 31 Dec 2019).

They always publish voucher codes on their blog.

[PushAds] AdOperator (+$100)

Promo code:  BLACKFRIDAY19

Top-up on $300 or over to get $100 with promo code: BLACKFRIDAY19.

[AdultDating] ProfitSocial

They’ll increase offers payouts

I’ve seen this in MP channel, so I don’t exactly know how much will be value of this. But they promise that they’ll increase offer payouts. I work with them pretty long, so I think that I wouldd see difference at list for my Poland campaigns.

Free traffic for gambling and betting affiliate programs [Part 2] [Video Content]

I will show how you can accumulate traffic for betting and gambling affiliate offers with the help of video content (some ways without a video camera and even microphone) for free. If you have any questions, you can ask them in comments, Telegram group or Facebook group.

Video version

List of easy-to-get-approve affiliate networks with gambling and betting offers in 1st part of this article. What content can we do to generate iGaming traffic?

I. Compilations of wins

Casino winnings compilations as one of the ways to get free traffic for gambling and betting offers
Casino winnings compilations as one of the ways to get free traffic for gambling and betting offers

This is what a lot of guys do with different levels of realization. Where you could find clips for these videos? I’m a pretty lazy person, so I use TwitchTv.

This is very convenient because there are a lot of clips, that are ready to use. Just sort them by language, choose 30 days for languages with a small number of clips, and 7 days range for clips in English, and other languages with a huge amount of clips.

VSDC Free Video Editor
VSDC Free Video Editor

I use VSDC free video editor and it’s enough to make from 5-10 clips one and create Call To Action bar “Blablabla bonus link in the description”.

This method isn’t fast, but it will help you to create an audience of gamblers. In the end, you’ll have a long run moneymaking story. You could find success stories if you’ll search “Wins in Slots”, “Wins in online casino” in YT, one of them Big Win from Joker. As you could see this guy use PlayAttack affiliate network, I think the reason is that a lot of streamers play in casinos from this network + they accept pretty much all possible countries.

What to write in the description, headline and tags – use google keyword research tool + analyze your competitors. I use a headline like “Huge wins in online casinos | Streamers are winning at slots | etc. ” – and google translate if I’m creating compilation with non-English clips. In description you could mention streamers nicname, slot, casino and ammount of win – this is helpfull for viewer + additional keywords. In tags pretty much the same + general keywords (“huge wins in online casino”, “biggest wins in slots”, etc.) In best case, you should do different channels for different languages.
Pros of this method: you don’t need a camera, micro, anything. You’ll accumulate a gambling audience.
Cons: it will take a lot of time to get first deposits, traffic is rather cold.

II. Guides and How To videos

Guides and how to videos as free traffic source for gambling and betting affiliate networks
Guides and how to videos as free traffic source for gambling and betting affiliate networks

Here we just use Google Ads keyword research tool. For all brands from your casino and betting offer list, you should collect long-tail keywords. Let’s try to do this for 1xBet.

1xbet mobile search volume
1xbet mobile – search volume

Ok “1xbet mobile” there are 74 000 searches per month, so you could create a short clip about “How to download and install 1xBet mobile” – and give your affiliate link in the attached comment or description, or even provide *.apk file with your own affiliate link.

I use OBS studio to create these videos, it’s very simple. Headline and description literally self written by your keyword and its long-tail brothers.

Pros: Hot brand traffic with the highest conversion rate.
Cons: You’ll need at least a microphone or do all of this with google voice (or analogues). It’s about creating a lot of small how-to clips – a game of numbers.

III. No-human streams

No human stream as a source of free traffic for gambling and betting affiliate offers

Actually with this method I wasn’t succeed – I invest something like 150 USD in bots (views + chat (chat is really important it should looks real)) and get only one FTD with revenue 40 USD.

Idea is very simple – open slot in browser in second screen, play in demo mode and set-up OBS to stream this screen. Of cource you can do that with one screen, but it will be less convinient.

Use banners under stream to advertise casinos + chat bots to post a link once in 2-3 minutes (depends of your bot viewers activity).

I was running this for 10 days (but bots were for 30 days), so if I proceed, make expiriments with languages and time of broadcasting I think it could be profitable. For example most paying audience is German players and there are not so much streamers on German.

All you have to do – set up banners, chat bots, fake veiwers and commentators. Than just start broadcasting process every day. For slot game automatization you could use auto spins options (it’s avaliable in all online casinos).

Pros: You could catch a real highroller and build some audience.

Cons: This free traffic is pretty expensive, take some time to set up and some resources to maintain it.

IV. Gambling strategies

Gambling strategies as a traffic source for gambling affiliate networks
Gambling strategies as a traffic source for gambling affiliate networks

Actually for this is like to eat shit, I don’t do this. In my opinion this is bad way and low qality traffic.

V. Betting tips

Video betting tips as a free source of traffic for betting affiliate offers
Video betting tips as a free source of traffic for betting affiliate offers

There are a lot of room to create content – but you need to be en expert. Or find an expert. You need to be consistent, there could be another monetization model – paid tips (with success rate over 80%). I’ve tryed this in my own way – I was translating predictions from russian to english and making videos. I do that for 30 days, but was not succeed maybe the reason is my English level, maybe something else.

That’s all. Thank you for your attantion, if you have any questions – ask them in comments below this post.

Free traffic for gambling and betting affiliate programs [Part 1] [Mobile Apps]

Hi, there. I hope that you’re doing well. In this post, I want to talk about triple magic unicorn – free traffic, gambling and betting affiliate networks, and passive income.

Video version

First of all free traffic is not free. It always costs you at least time, but more often money as well. The second – you could have a passive income if you work with a revenue share model, but it will be stable only on a big amount of players. Plus it takes some time to grow enough. The third – I strongly recommend revenue share, because in this variant it doesn’t matter how much is FTD (first time deposit), or other KPIs (second deposit for ex.) – you share profit and risk, so you wouldn’t be in a situation when yours payout will be canceled and your affiliate account will be banned.

Today I gonna show you my results and my experience with gambling and betting traffic from mobile applications. It would be some kind of ASO (AppStore Search Optimization) traffic. Let’s start from sweet part – stats.

Monthly stats from MostPartner
Monthly stats from MostPartner
My monthly income from 1xBet
My monthly “passive income” from 1xBet
My monthly statistycs from WelcomePartners
My monthly statistycs from WelcomePartners

So what I have done: 1) Collect keywords related to casinos and bookmakers; 2) Registered at affiliate networks with RevShare offers for this brands; 3) Create mobile WebView apps (maybe with some extra content) for each brand; 4) Register developer accounts in 3rd party stores, go through pre-approval process (if it exists); 5) Load applications in 3rd party stores and on fil exchange sites (with search engine).

Let’s try to go through this process.

1)Keywords. I just search in google top-100 bookmakers and top-100 online casinos. My logic was pretty simple – if they are in the ratings – they are popular and they have an affiliate network. Then all these brands I have added to google keywords tool – to estimate search volume.

2) Then I’ve started looking for affiliate offers for top-20 bookmakers and top-20 casinos (top 20 in terms of search volume). In that time I’ve preferred aggregators than direct affiliate networks – because when you one-man team it’s much more easy to work with 2-5 aggregators than with 40 direct affiliate networks. Some networks have rejected me, but in these, I’ve successfully finished a sign-up process and get access to all revenue share gambling and betting offers that they have:

A. WelcomePartners – they have a network of very famous in CIS region casino brands (Vulkan, Joycasino, GMS Deluxe, etc.)

PlayAttack Affiliate Program
PlayAttack Affiliate Program

B. PlayAttack – they have 6 casino brands – popularity growth because of special promotions that oriented on streamers

PaySale Affiliate Network
PaySale Affiliate Network

C. PaySale – mostly because of 1xBet starting RS 22,5% VS 15% in direct affiliate network

D. AlfaLeads – a lot of gambling and betting offers but most of them are CPS (not revenue share).

3Snet affiliate network
3Snet affiliate network

E. 3snet and Advertise – actually not sure could you use them or not with google translate – but there are a lot of offers for popular brands + fast approve. Actually, Revenue Share percentage for 1xBet in these Networks higher than in PaySale but I’m not sure about how convenient for you it will be to use them with google translator.

AppsGeyser dashboard
AppsGeyser dashboard

3) If you are ready to create an app in Android Studio – just sea rch “how to create WebView application” – for 3rd party stores it would be enough. File share networks usually don’t have any requirements or moderation. Also, you could use AppsGeyser it’s very easy, free (but with ads) and I’ve created some apps in it before I’ve started my Android Studio experiments.
When you have created your first app try to upload it.

CatappultIo - 3rd party Android app store
CatappultIo – 3rd party Android app store

4) Register at 3rd party stores, I recommend to try cattapult.io (previously it was called Aptoide), there is a decent amount of traffic. Upload at file exchange services with search engines (for example 4shared).
If upload goes without problems repeat it for all brends that you’ve collected.

When you upload your *.apk files don’t forget to add headlines and descripription. I just grab them from top-10 of google search sites.

That’s all if you have any questions – leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and have a huge profit.