Free traffic for gambling and betting affiliate programs [Part 1] [Mobile Apps]

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Hi, there. I hope that you’re doing well. In this post, I want to talk about triple magic unicorn – free traffic, gambling and betting affiliate networks, and passive income.

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First of all free traffic is not free. It always costs you at least time, but more often money as well. The second – you could have a passive income if you work with a revenue share model, but it will be stable only on a big amount of players. Plus it takes some time to grow enough. The third – I strongly recommend revenue share, because in this variant it doesn’t matter how much is FTD (first time deposit), or other KPIs (second deposit for ex.) – you share profit and risk, so you wouldn’t be in a situation when yours payout will be canceled and your affiliate account will be banned.

Today I gonna show you my results and my experience with gambling and betting traffic from mobile applications. It would be some kind of ASO (AppStore Search Optimization) traffic. Let’s start from sweet part – stats.

Monthly stats from MostPartner
Monthly stats from MostPartner
My monthly income from 1xBet
My monthly “passive income” from 1xBet
My monthly statistycs from WelcomePartners
My monthly statistycs from WelcomePartners

So what I have done: 1) Collect keywords related to casinos and bookmakers; 2) Registered at affiliate networks with RevShare offers for this brands; 3) Create mobile WebView apps (maybe with some extra content) for each brand; 4) Register developer accounts in 3rd party stores, go through pre-approval process (if it exists); 5) Load applications in 3rd party stores and on fil exchange sites (with search engine).

Let’s try to go through this process.

1)Keywords. I just search in google top-100 bookmakers and top-100 online casinos. My logic was pretty simple – if they are in the ratings – they are popular and they have an affiliate network. Then all these brands I have added to google keywords tool – to estimate search volume.

2) Then I’ve started looking for affiliate offers for top-20 bookmakers and top-20 casinos (top 20 in terms of search volume). In that time I’ve preferred aggregators than direct affiliate networks – because when you one-man team it’s much more easy to work with 2-5 aggregators than with 40 direct affiliate networks. Some networks have rejected me, but in these, I’ve successfully finished a sign-up process and get access to all revenue share gambling and betting offers that they have:

A. WelcomePartners – they have a network of very famous in CIS region casino brands (Vulkan, Joycasino, GMS Deluxe, etc.)

PlayAttack Affiliate Program
PlayAttack Affiliate Program

B. PlayAttack – they have 6 casino brands – popularity growth because of special promotions that oriented on streamers

PaySale Affiliate Network
PaySale Affiliate Network

C. PaySale – mostly because of 1xBet starting RS 22,5% VS 15% in direct affiliate network

D. AlfaLeads – a lot of gambling and betting offers but most of them are CPS (not revenue share).

3Snet affiliate network
3Snet affiliate network

E. 3snet and Advertise – actually not sure could you use them or not with google translate – but there are a lot of offers for popular brands + fast approve. Actually, Revenue Share percentage for 1xBet in these Networks higher than in PaySale but I’m not sure about how convenient for you it will be to use them with google translator.

AppsGeyser dashboard
AppsGeyser dashboard

3) If you are ready to create an app in Android Studio – just sea rch “how to create WebView application” – for 3rd party stores it would be enough. File share networks usually don’t have any requirements or moderation. Also, you could use AppsGeyser it’s very easy, free (but with ads) and I’ve created some apps in it before I’ve started my Android Studio experiments.
When you have created your first app try to upload it.

CatappultIo - 3rd party Android app store
CatappultIo – 3rd party Android app store

4) Register at 3rd party stores, I recommend to try (previously it was called Aptoide), there is a decent amount of traffic. Upload at file exchange services with search engines (for example 4shared).
If upload goes without problems repeat it for all brends that you’ve collected.

When you upload your *.apk files don’t forget to add headlines and descripription. I just grab them from top-10 of google search sites.

That’s all if you have any questions – leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and have a huge profit.

4 Replies to “Free traffic for gambling and betting affiliate programs [Part 1] [Mobile Apps]”

  1. Hi,

    Give the “how to create WebView application” website sample?

    We only a content ?

    1. Hi, I has created one webview today based on this: you should create App with empty activity template end java (not kotlyn), than copy part of code that placed between {} (afret all include blablabla, and in layout file just replace TextView part by webview part and in Manifest add Intet + some code to avoid errors (I don’t remember it exactly but I’ve googled it in 7 minutes.
      Hope this will help))

  2. Hi,

    I am Arijit Das, from India, and am interested to learn the ways of earning from Gambling & Betting through Affiliate Marketing process.

    Seeking a mentor for the same. I would be grateful if you show your interest in teaching the same.

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